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Fresh Vegetables

Khan Enterprise can quickly supply green chillies, cucumber and tomatoes, all in fresh state. A truck of fresh vegetables are supplied every day, without any delay to vegetable markets, hotels, hospitals and many other customers hailing from food service industry. We make each of the vegetable in the list available throughout the year. This is all possible by establishing strong relations with farmers in Assam. The climate and soil of the area is fertile, which eliminates the need to use any kind of agro chemical. All vegetables are grown organically, under sufficient care. Those interested in buying fresh vegetables continually, can contact us today.

Features Of Fresh Vegetables

  • Keeps eyes and skin healthy and protect it against various types of infections
  • Vitamins and minerals present in these products help in healing cuts, wounds and also keeps the gums and tooth healthy.
  • Fibers present in these vegetables help reducing blood cholesterol level and may lower the heart disease risk.  
  • Reduces the risk of various types of cancer and also helps in minimizing the change of kidney stone development.